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Elevon trim wheel

A piece of artwork for itself.Noble Sitka Spruce, glued in layers, ergonomic notches, lacquered, beded into a form pressed aluminium cover. This is more of

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Rudder controls

The rudder controls are diverted from the center to the left hand side of the fuselage by a chain gear. The chain wheels, their shafts

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Rudder and brake pedals

Metalwork. The installation of the flight controls has started. The rudder and brake pedals come first. Again, each and every single part needs to be

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Cockpit section longerons

The main longerons, stringers and corner blocks of the forward cockpit section are all installed. The longerons are divided into a forward and a main

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Upper longerons

The upper longerons are the longest structure elements built in one piece. Accordingly the length of the jig in which it was fabricated was extreme

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Contour shaping

Every longeron must be shaped to its round contour through planning and sanding. A very time consuming job. The radius templates were made on my

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