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Main longeron

The main longerons are each built from three sections. The rear sections again are split into an upper and a lower beam. Every section must

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more bulkheads

The shape of a fuselage comes into view.The #5 bulkhead will be carrying the nose landing gear loads and is therefore built considerably stronger than

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First bulkheads on jig

Production is running in high gear. Three bulkheads plus two stringers are finished. All nicely arranged (upside down) in a jig in which the complete

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First bulkhead completed

The front bulkhead and the two longeron front sections fit perfectly. The bulkhead was cut out on the ingenious table mill of a friend. Filing

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Fuselage bulkheads

Exceptional aircraft, exceptional bulkheads. They are built in layers of segmented thin spruce sheets arranged in a circle. Topped off by plywood on both sides,

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Rudder plywood covering

The rudder received its plywood covering on one side and has passed the final inspection of the expert. His advice to mark the areas to

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