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Two month of intense woodwork show results. The rear rib sections are completed and installed, including vertical stringers and the cutout for the rudder tab.

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Vertical ribs and stringers

Looks like an aircraft already!The fitting of the vertical ribs in the nose section took some effort. Very much like the precise cutting out of

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Leading edge spar

Main spar and front ribs are all installed. Time for fitting the leading edge spar. Note the clamped woodblock at the top. The reason why

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My woodwork skills are on a steep learning curve. It took me 5 (five!) attempts to mill these cutouts until I managed not to break

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Basic fin structure

The bottom rib is completed and the spar is closed up with plywood. The shape of the leading edge is not linear and therefore needed

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Rib flange

Contrary to the bottom rib flanges which are made of poplar wood, the other rib flanges are made of laminated spruce.  It requires a jig

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