Nose landing gear new layout

The past few weeks I focused on engineering work. Since the original nose landing gear retraction system proved to be problematic it needed to be  redesigned completely.

, Projekt N-20.3 Arbalete

After working through numerous layout ideas with some very exotic variants I ended up with the following:
A overcenter linkage powered by a electric linear actuator.
The design is a closed mechanical unit with no external attachments except to the gear bulkhead. The extention and retraction times are reduced from 16- 22 seconds down to 9 seconds. Including a weight reduction of some 200g for the entire unit.

The calculation of all expected forces and the strength of every part took my trigonometric capabilities to its limits. 
Typing the 42 pages technical statement for this mayor change took another week and currently awaits revision by EAS. Once I get the thumbs up I will launch production. 

Update 1. November 2021:
Green light received, production has started.

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