Habemus main landing gear!

Persistance pays out.

It was the consistent effort of numerous enthusiasts, namely Robert Stadler, Peter Dätwyler, Mark Küpfer above all the owner Peter Hemmig that lead to success. We were able to secure two complete Bf-109 main gear legs for our project. Which is a serious step forward. The gear legs originate from a Pilatus P-2 aircraft which is earmarked for display purposes. The owner bid for it at a military auction in 1981 and put it into storage since then. The parts are correspondingly in mint condition. A first inspection showed no signs of corrosion or damage whatsoever. This is in pure contrast to the Bf-109 gear legs that I ran across in Norway which showed serious sea water corrosion and therefore would not have been usable.

With the main elements of the main landing gear at hand we can start the construction of the support structure and retraction mechanism on CAD. All while looking for some fitting wheels (the Bf-109 wheels won’t do) and equally fitting disk brakes.