Habemus nose landing gear!

The hint from a good old Air Force colleague sounded very promising. According to him there is a familiar looking nose gear on exhibit at a friends house and the owner might be prepared to part from it. A first inspection brought a complete DH-112 Venom nose gear assembly to daylight. In mint condition. The original maintenance tags still attached indicate a complete overhaul in 1981. Since then it has not been  in use and was stored in dry condition. Even more important: The proud owner Franz Walti, a passionate jet- scale model builder, offered it for a very reasonable price. There was no holding back.

The search for the main landing gear components goes on. Since they are of Bf-109 origin they are extremely hard to find.

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  1. , Projekt N-20.3 Arbalete

    Glücklicherweise ist die aviatische Welt in der Schweiz klein. Freut mich, dass es geklappt hat!
    Mit Fliegergruss Beni

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