Reversed engineering

The mixing gear for the rudder compensation tab is giving issues. There are only two blueprints at hand of the entire unit. Which is clearly not sufficient to understand and build it. I was able to take measurements of the drive in detail directly from the original aircraft, with the exceptional support of the  Fliegermuseum at Dübendorf . This additional data enabled me to create the complete drive on CAD. It contains a total 13 parts, 14 ball bearings of various sizes, 4 sleeve bearings, plus numerous bolts and nuts.

Manufacturing of the parts has started already.

Original mixing gear.

The gear is designed in a remarkable massive way. This leads to the assumption that this is the design for the  projected N-20 Aiguilllon aircraft, supported by the unusual numbering of the two blueprints available and the fact that the remaining blueprints cannot be found under the N-20.2  blueprints.