Fuselage attachment vertical fin…

The installation of the reinforcement box is completed. This directs the forces of the vertical fin into the fuselage and therefore had to be constructed solidly. Drilling all 86 holes for the metal brackets took a lot of time and nerves due to the tight space. With the help of drilling guides that I made on the 3D printer, the holes were ultimately drilled exactly perpendicular.

The last delivery of the still missing screws was lost on the way from the USA to Switzerland and remains untraceable. A new order is currently on its way and hopefully will arrive this time. Once these screws are in place, the fuselage attachment will be completed.

The next step in the construction is the fuselage planking. For this, the fuselage has to be turned upside down. This is a complicated task as the fuselage now weighs around 300kg. Building the lifting and rolling construction required some brainstorming, but ultimately worked smoothly: the fuselage could be turned over using two wide (orange) straps. The remaining straps only served to lower my pulse during the maneuver.