Fuselage attachment vertical fin

With the engineer’s signature, the proof was completed with 61 pages of calculations. The newly designed construction in it directs the forces of the vertical fin into the fuselage in a controlled manner. For this purpose, the wooden frame is reinforced with a 3mm layer of carbon composite and the underlying structure is provided with an additional construction.

The carbon layer has been applied with the exact fiber orientation, all holes drilled, and steel bushings inserted. Additional brackets had to be welded to the existing fitting. However, it warped so much that I decided to completely remake it.

The fitting is now screwed in place, although with screws that do not meet the intended quality. The ordered screws have not arrived even after 8 weeks of waiting, so construction cannot continue for now.

Update: The first screws have arrived. Although it’s only half of the order, construction can proceed.

Hardware worth US$ 754.00.