Fuel tank

The first parts of the fuel tank have been produced. I have decided to abandon the idea of building it with composite material. The effort required for the strength verification is not proportional to the expected benefits. Therefore, the tank will be built exactly according to the original plans, but with a slightly increased volume as already planned for improvement in the original design. The original 230 liters capacity will now be around 290 liters.
After consulting with experts, I have chosen EN AW-5005 / AlMg1(B) / EN 573-3 for the material. This corresponds to the original specification, is formable, and has excellent welding properties. For the first components, the baffle walls inside the tank, I had a mold made from hardwood on a CNC machine.
The first attempt to easily pull the sheet metal over the mold with an external template failed. Waves formed that could not be smoothed out.
The second attempt to gently drive the sheet metal over the mold with a hammer went much better. After the fourth baffle wall and what felt like 15 million hammer blows later, I believe I have almost understood the art of metalworking by now.