Blueprints N-20.1 und N-20.2

It took me years of research to locate and collect all the documents for this project. The archive of the wind tunnel  at Emmen and the one at the Fliegermuseum at Dübendorf proved to be true treasure coves. Hundreds of valuable documents came to light, grace to the generous support of the persons in charge. They even went as far as combing through their own files on themselfs. Scanning each document carefully took another effort, besides considerable costs.

Some documents remain untracable unfortunately. Chances are that they are hiding in a dark basement. So if you happen to run across anything that has even the remotest resemblance with the Arbalète, drop me a line.

The collection of blueprints presented on this page is the sum of all the documents that are in my possession for this project. Possibly this is the most complete collection of information about the N-20.1 and N-20.2 existing. There are still hundreds of documents about the N-20 Aiguillon stored in the archives, waiting to be recovered and published.

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