Das N-20.3 Projekt

The rebuilt of a flying legend

The N-20.2 “Arbalète” was designed and built in 1951 by the Eidgenössichen Flugzweugwerken F+W at Emmen (Switzerland). It is a single seat flying wing concept powered by four Turbomeca “Piméné” jet engines. The aircraft structure is built completely from wood. The aerodynamic layout corresponds to the projected fighter aircraft N-20 Aiguillon.

The objective of the project is to build a the aircraft in flying condition.

Wing span7.56m
Wing area19.1m
Max take off weight1760kg


Projekt Arbalete N-20.2 und N-20 Aiguillon zusammen
N-20.2 Arbalète and N-20 Aiguillon at Emmen
Projekt Arbalete CAD
Building a four engined jet aircraft from wood is rather ambitious. To say the least. Contrary to a homebuilt kit there are no prefabricated items. Every single part needs to be manufactured according to blueprints. Some require partial or complete redesign including calculation and documentation.

The project runs under the supervision of the Experimental Aircraft of Switzerland. They never fail to amaze me with their professional knowledge, the extremly high working skills and their boundless ‘can do attitude’.

The category in which the aircraft will be certified is not determined yet. Both options, “experimental” and “historic” bear its advantages and drawbacks.

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