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Habemus main landing gear!

Persistance pays out. It was the consistent effort of numerous enthusiasts, namely Robert Stadler, Peter Dätwyler, Mark Küpfer above all the owner Peter Hemmig that

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Nose landing gear update 6

What is the purpose of a bench test?Right, to make sure that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. With the last parts completed and installed

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Nose landing gear update 5

The new desing of the nose landing gear retraction mechanics requires the installation of  a lock to keep it in the up position. Looking around

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Nose landing gear update 4

The main components of the nose landing gear and the retraction mechanism are assembled. After having the parts heat  treated for stress relief it was

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Nose landing gear new layout

The past few weeks I focused on engineering work. Since the original nose landing gear retraction system proved to be problematic it needed to be 

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Vertical fin attachment

The attachment of the vertical fin is completed.The exact positioning was done by the help of a laser  beam before the holes were drilled. That’s

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