All hands on deck!

The project lead as well as the actual building work is all done by myself.
My name is Stefan Weber,  60 years of age and former military and airline pilot.
My technical knowledge origins from the time of my apprenticeship as machine mechanik. It’s been a little while since however. Over the course of the past 30 years I engaged in various aircraft restoration projects through wich I was able to aquire a solid level of competence. In April 2021 I completed a course and passed the final exam for aircraft structure welding. 
This is too little of course still to get through such a project like the N-20.3. Fortunately I am able to source the required knowledge in wood aircraft building, engineering, aerodynamics and much more through a number of organisations and close friends.

These are:

Representing the Swiss CAA, EAS supervises all experimental aircaft projects in Switzerland. Likewise the N-20.3 projekt.
EAS accompanies my project through professional support and frequent inspections. The agregated knowledge in that organisation is simply amazing. I receive first class advice for wood building, welding, aerodynamics, structural engineering and much more.

To name a few:

Jakob Straub, Engineer in Air- and Space Technology, EAS responsible for aircraft acceptance.

Jürg Müller, Senior Engineer Aerodynamics RUAG, EAS expert for aerodynamics

Daniel Gallaz, EAS expert for wood aircraft building

The association stands for practicly all historic aircraft operated in Switzerland. Besides offering a large knowledge about the operation and maintenance of these aircraft it organises gatherings and supports aircraft building and restoration projects.

The N-20.3 too was was blessed with a donation. Thank you!

MSW Avaiation

When it comes to aircraft building, the knowledge of Max Vogelsang is unfathomable. He started off long time ago building his Long Eze, then created and built the aerobatic aircraft VOTEC on his own. Not to mention the restorations of countless historic aircraft. He never fails to surprise me with his simple and straight forward solutions to my problems. 

Rolf Fritschi

A top class scale model builder. He is the proud owner of a self made computer controlled table mill. It was Rolfs machine which cut out all the fuselage frames in highest precision. And there’s more to come.

The option of installing only two engines instead of four is looked into seriously. This is being taken care of by the University of Applied Sciences at Winterthur. Under the lead of  Prof. Dr. Leonardo Manfriani, student groups are conducting aerodynamic research on that specific topic. First CFD analyses brought up some very interesting results, also in respect of the original wind tunnel data from 1950. Currently they are working on a sensor equippped flying model aircraft with the aim to confirm the CFD results.