Cockpit floor

New parts, new material: Carbon Composite.

Instead of the preformed plywood sheets used in the original aircraft, carbon is used for the cockpit floor of the replica. This saves considerable weight and is also highly durable. To protect the pilot, an additional layer of Kevlar is added to prevent the carbon from splintering.

Since I had to learn the composite construction method, I took a laminating course at Suter Composites. This course is highly recommended for learning the basics and tricks, as well as avoiding preventable mistakes.

Building the mold for the cockpit floor consumed cans of filler and I spent endless hours sanding. During the application of the carbon and Kevlar layers, the resin distribution was a bit uneven. And the final sanding marks on the mold mercilessly revealed themselves on the final surface. There is still much to learn.

The individual parts of the cockpit floor are now bolted together. I still need to build the mold for the cover of the trim wheel on the right side of the cockpit. After that, the parts for the foot area of the cockpit will be next in line.

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