Nose landing gear update 7

The nose landing gear is installed in the fuselage. It took an eternity until I had drilled the last hole, tightened the last nut, installed the last greasing nipple and had the 24V external power unit replaced which previously ended up in smoke. What’s still missing is the uplock unit and the electronic controls. The required bolts and proximity switches are currently hard to find. 
The mecanical function works like a charm. The power of the actuator is sufficient to drive the gear in the Up position with ease.
The prohibitively expensive bearing sleeves do a delightful job and the fuselage structure takes the forces without the slightest deformation.

, Projekt N-20.3 Arbalete

2 thoughts on “Nose landing gear update 7”

    1. arbalete

      Hallo Kuno,
      Der Teufel liegt wie immer im Detail, das kennst Du ja auch. Dazu kommt ein Qualitätsanspruch der dazu führte dass einige Teile erst im wiederholten Anlauf genügten oder falsch bestellte Bolzengrössen welche partout nicht reinpassen wollten. 😉

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